Outside Projects

Here are some crazy little bits, skits, and make-em-ups.

NEW: Movies

Made From Scratch
1995 short film written and directed by Eric Elmer. Hopefully one day to be available for download on this page.

Made From Scratch 2: Brown Dawn
The long-awaited sequel, filming now and set for a March 2001 release. Jerry Waggoner directs a story by Eric Elmer and Jerry Waggoner.

The Keyboard Incident
01-01-97: The band finished before midnight, but the cameras kept rolling into the early hours of the new year. Some friends of the band, who would later go on to become Beatnik Turtle, gave an intoxicated performance for an intoxicated audience. One gentleman you'll see in this clip had clearly been overserved, and Matt still has the tooth marks in his keyboard to prove it. As you'll see, it didn't stop the guy from drinking more.


Pig Buttstickery by Eric Elmer
Essay: Oct. 2000

Wine Bottle Boogie by Eric Elmer
Story: 1999

Millenium Message from The Bridgeburners

Siren by Eric Elmer
Story: 1999

All The Best, Your Paperboy by Eric Elmer
Story: 1997

I Believe I'm Sinking Down by Eric Elmer
Story: 1996


Photo Collage from the weekend in Iowa: May, 2000

Holiday Greeting 2000 from the band

Bridgeburny Hillbillies Black gold. Texas tea.