April 7th, 2001 4:00PM - 7:00PM

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3206 N. Wilton Ave.
Chicago, IL 60657

Please join the cast and crew for the first public screening of MFS2: Brown Dawn!

When Made From Scratch was filmed during the hellishly hot summer of 1995, few of the participants ever believed that one day a sequel would come to pass. After all, the first film milked a single joke for nine minutes... how could there be more story to tell?

There was. In late 2000, Eric Elmer and Jerry Waggoner wrote the script. It was essential, they believed, that all the actors from the first movie return to reprise their roles, but... there had to be more to it this time. The challenge was to advance the story from the hideous climax of the first film and somehow inject some new humor and some real suspense to the original premise: the story of Dean the Baker and his horrifying ingredients.

Filming began just before Christmas of 2000 and concluded in late February of 2001.

Made From Scratch 2: Brown Dawn promises to surpass the original in every way. Under the skillful hand of director Jerry Waggoner, the film explores new realms of obsession, paranoia, and unspeakable food tainting. Over three times the length of the original film, the sequel raises that long-ago question "And you know why they're so good?" and answers it with shocking totality.

Returning Cast:

Eric Elmer as Mike

Matt Pederson as Dean

Jason Feehan as Sammy

John Hook as Al

Jen Beyer as Polly

Jerry Waggoner as Frank

New Cast Members

Tom Beyer as Joey

Diona Waggoner as the Police Officer

Shelley Pederson as Dean's Wife

Rob Angus as The Pizza Man

Dave Zortea as Dot Quick Guy

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